4 Questions to Ask When Buying Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot shower doors are one of the most flexible shower door solutions in an entry in the shower area.  These are also known as swinging doors because these swing on the pivot hinges. Shower doors have the important function of completing the look of the shower enclosure. It also turns any area with two or three sides wall into a shower space.

pivot shower doors
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In addition to that, these doors play an important role in improving the look of the bathroom. Perhaps, they become a center of attention as the most significant part of a shower enclosure. Unlike other shower doors, you can use them in both inwards and outwards direction. Because the pivot hinge is on the top or bottom, you can operate it both ways. In addition to that, if you fix it in the center then, it will become a revolving door.  

Here we have discussed four important questions to ask while choosing pivot shower doors. 

When a Pivot Door is the Better Options?

If you are interested in a shower door, you should know when it is best to choose this door option. You need to understand that not all doors are compatible or best fit in all situations. So, in certain conditions, design, and sizes, you may have to prefer one type over another. 

  • Pivot doors are a preferred choice for the large bathroom as these better fit with the large size enclosures. However, if you are converting the shower area into shower space, this may be a good option.
  • Use pivot doors or swinging doors where you need a wider shower entrance. This is because due to this door’s structure, these are suitable to cover complete access unless you use it with a frame.
  • You can use it in small bathrooms when you are too much out of space, and there is a problem with the opening door will touch other bathroom amenities. Under such conditions, this door may provide a space-saving option. That is because you may use this door to open inward instead of outward that will solve your problem. 
  • If you choose to open this door outward, some water droplets fall on the bathroom floor. so you may have to clean it every time you come out of the shower. That is a little inconvenience that you may have to face this type of door.

Framed, Semi Framed, and Frameless Options.

There are multiple options available when it comes to hinged shower doors. These include framed shower doors, semi-framed and completely frameless. The framed doors are the most economical option, while semi-framed and frameless are considered high-end and expensive design. Your choice depends on your personal preference as well as budget considerations. In case you want better privacy, then a glass door with printed patterns may work best for you. However, a clear glass door is also a great option as it does not obstruct the sight and makes your bathroom look bigger and spacious. It will improve your bathroom’s overall look by letting you see through the glass, which may show inside tile and shower design. 

Shower Tray Options. 

With regards to pivot doors, any shower tray can be chosen as there should be no problem in fixing this door on it. Regardless of the material, whether it is acrylic, polystyrene, ceramic, or solid surface, there will be no issue. However, these shower trays differ significantly in terms of quality and look. Acrylic shower trays are a great option, as they are durable and lightweight. You must ensure that you buy these things from a reliable vendor to ensure quality. 

Buy Pivot Shower Doors from Royal Bathrooms UK. 

A pivot door is generally a suitable option if you have a bit of extra space in the bathroom. However, in many cases, it depends on the situation; you may opt for an inward opening in the small bathroom if you want it there. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have a range of pivot shower doors available that suites all shower types and sizes. All our glass door has 6mm tempered safety glass that is very safe, durable, and works perfectly for a long time. 

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