Create a stylish and practical space with wall hung Vanity Unit

A wall hung vanity unit is, without a doubt an important piece of furniture in your bathroom. The main difference between a wall hung and other type of vanities is that it is adjusted or fitted directly on the wall. They have the same purpose as an ordinary vanity unit as providing a storage space for the bathroom essential. However, a wall hung vanity is stylish and takes less space as a floor standing vanity unit. That’s why these are a popular choice for the modern bathrooms. 

Wall Hung vanity Units at Royal Bathrooms
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Here we have discussed why a wall hung vanity unit is excellent for your modern bathroom.

Make your small bathroom look spacious

There is no doubt that the floor standing vanity units look bigger and bulky. Wall hung vanity units, on the other hand, fixed on the wall creating a more open look. The space underneath the vanity remains empty making a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. These bathroom vanities are available in different sizes, making everyone install them in any size of bathrooms. So, it would help if you did not restrict yourself by considering it something that is only for a small space. You may even choose a vanity unit with on top basin that to combine two utilities into one. Doing this will help you to save more space. 

Great choice for narrow bathrooms and shipping container homes. 

Not everyone has the luxury of big bathrooms. Many people have small bathrooms or even work in places where they have narrow spaces or shipping container homes where every inch of space matters.  It is not possible to fix a normal size vanity unit in such places. If you are facing a similar situation, you can choose a compact wall hung vanity unit that will perfectly fit narrow bathrooms and shipping container homes.

Provide Efficient Storage for bathroom essentials

Vanity units are all about providing efficient storage for the bathroom essentials. You cannot leave your toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, and other cleaning stuff as It will result in making your bathroom look full of clutter. It would help if you had a drawer where all these things can be placed. A wall hung vanity unit not only solve this storage problem but also look good.  

Create a Luxurious Look

Wall hung vanity units are a contemporary design. We more often see them in modern bathrooms. These are the perfect choice if you want a luxurious look in the bathroom. However, you will need a coordinated look in the bathroom; therefore, always match your bathroom utilities with your vanity choice. Otherwise, you will not be able to create your desired look. 

Minimalist Look and Design. 

The minimalist look is among the latest bathroom design trends. It is highly desirable for a contemporary bathroom. Whether you have a small bathroom or a larger one, a minimalist look has become a preferred choice. A wall hung vanity unit provides this look. Due to their availability in different sizes, you can easily choose the appropriate one for your bathroom.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance. 

Wall hung units are compact that leaves plenty of storage space from all sides. That makes it easier for cleaning. In addition to that, the space underneath wall hung unit is empty that makes it easier for cleaning and maintaining.

Buy Wall Hung Vanity Unit at Royal Bathroom UK

A wall hung vanity unit is an excellent choice for all types of bathroom. Due to their space-saving feature, these have become a popular choice for small bathrooms. However, wall hung vanity units are equally preferred for the large bathrooms due to their stylish and luxurious looks. If you are interested in buying wall hung vanity units, you can explore our website as we have an extensive range of vanity units in all sizes. 

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